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Jill Amantea

Dancer, Actor, Model, Choreographer

Jill Amantea is a professional dancer, actor, model, and choreographer based in Toronto, ON, Canada.


She has over a decade of professional experience performing and choreographing nationally and internationally both on stage and on camera. Her experience includes performing aboard cruise ships and in resorts, for TV, film, commercials, music videos, live events, concerts, galas, corporate events, weddings, promotional photo and video shoots, social media ads, as well as in musical theatre shows and stage productions.

 “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jill on couple of film projects. She is a great actor and her ability to memorize pages and pages of dialogue amazed me. She manages to always steal the show whenever she is on screen. And this multi-talented individual is an incredible dancer on top of that. Wow! Jill is just super fun and a delight to be around on set.”

Zia Khalid, Filmmaker

"Genuinely one of the best dancers I've had the pleasure of working with! Reliable, dedicated, a quick learner and always gives a captivating performance. Seriously, a choreographers dream."

Rachel Levitt, Artistic Director - DanceCorps Company

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